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From account handling to campaign management; GEO Marketing Consultant is here to make a difference. With exceptional teams ready and waiting for you, exceptional digital marketing solutions in North Carolina are just a call away!

About Us

Welcome to GEO Marketing Consultant. Our company is built on the principle of providing excellent and reliable marketing services to brands, businesses, and individuals who need the best experts to handle all of their marketing campaigns with tried and tested strategies as well as customized and personalized innovations that always drive a business forward.

We are based in Charlotte, North Carolina with our Northeastern division located in Windsor, Connecticut. We started this business because we realized that tons of businesses with excellent products, services, and content were denied their place in the limelight and were not reaching their target market, so we decided to leverage the skills and connections that we have built over the years to give the people a chance at witnessing unprecedented growth in their businesses.

We started this company to ensure that businesses don’t have to work with unprofessional marketers who take your money and give you less than stellar results. We know the pains of running a business with no sales and little patronage, and you shouldn’t have to lose further money to remedy this.

GEO marketing consultant is your marketing partner. We take the best strategies, techniques, and principles and put them to work for you. From SEO to Reputation Management, PPC to Digital advertisements, logo and brand designs to web design and development, and google map listings, we do it all! We believe that customers are the lifeblood of any business and it is our job to get new customers for you, while also showing you the best marketing techniques out there.

At GEO, we look at the long game and we have always dedicated ourselves to ensuring the growth of your brand because a satisfied customer is all that matters to us.

We look forward to working with you.